UX Design: Red Book Solutions – Ready to go digital?

Wireframes, Storyboards, Mockups and UI/UX

The following includes UI mockups, UX wireframes, storyboards with touch gesture notations and functionality. Of course, there were multiple iterations as interfaces and UX were refined. Here are a few:

This digital application for tablet saves time and ensures quality with streamlined communication processes
This UX/UI design put an end to the endless emails and crazy back-and-forth by establishing a centralized, mobile communication logbook that helps restaurants create, track and record tasks, to-dos, follow-up’s, maintenance and more. 
  • Branded as HotSchedules Logbook, the interface keeps shifts running smoothly without anything falling through the cracks.
  • Access communication logs, shift, and personnel notes from a mobile device
  • Log daily shift and personnel notes in the Store Log
  • Assign Tasks, To-Do’s, and Follow-Ups to scheduled employees
  • Comment on To-Do’s and Follow-Ups
  • Take action on Tasks, To-Do’s and Follow-Ups from a tablet or mobile device
  • Take pictures using your device and save to a Task or To-Do
  • Send broadcast messages and pre-loaded messages to all employees
  • Check in on store activity from your mobile device
  • Automatically archive shift and personnel notes

Notes Section Wireframe: When the widget for notes above is clicked, the following interface opens. This wireframe outlines that process. Please note: not all tiles are represented, but here is a taste.

john holt intimiste interactive