Goal: To create a homepage interface that could serve as a community outreach for students, teachers and employees of the system. Direct links to each of these sections were created along with space for school news and employee updates. 
Teams: Adept Solutions Inc. – Services performed as a contractor.
Interactive Designer: 
  • Helped create robust design documentation at the various stages of design, including but not limited to personas, wireframes, prototypes, scenarios, task flows, story boarding
  • Created user requirement documentation including use cases and functional specs
  • Recommend and prepare audience research approach
  • Created research tools, such as surveys, questionnaires, and test scripts necessary to conduct research
  • Conducted research activities, such as contextual inquiries and observations, one-to-one interviews, workshops, focus groups, diary/journal exercises, field studies, etc.
  • Conducted heuristic evaluations and competitive audits of digital tools, including but not limited to business applications, websites, mobile applications, and identify areas for improvement in design Compile, analyze and document findings of the research and identify patterns and trends
  • Made design recommendations as a result of research
  • Presented findings and recommendations to clients
  • Self-managed own tasks and schedules 




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